Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS)
AutoTrak at work

Respironics first introduced BiPAP technology and Auto-TRAK algorithm in response to clinical need in the late 80’s, increasing the ability to ventilate patients who were previously treated via tracheotomy.

Respironics ground-breaking innovation continued with the introduction of AVAPS in 2003. Based on the proven Auto-TRAK algorithm, AVAPS provides efficient and comfortable ventilation.

AVAPS feature (available on the Synchrony, the Trilogy100 & 200, TrilogySeries, and BiPAP AVAPS & BiPAP S/T) automatically adapts pressure support to match the patients therapy needs by providing an average tidal volume. Therefore, AVAPS adapts to disease progression and to changes in patient’s needs, by combining comfort with efficient ventilation.